May 28, 2022

Dead By Daylight Adds Cross-Play

Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that Dead By Daylight will soon have cross-platform support, meaning console and PC players will be able to meet and try and survive the night – or take out their new friends.

Whilst it’s been out for well over four years, Dead By Daylight has always had one thing missing; cross-play.

After all, it’s a game where it’s best played with a group of people. And it’s available on console, PC, and mobile.

Finally, Behaviour Interactive has launched the cross-play support for all platforms [bar mobile].

The obvious improvement this brings is that it’ll now take less time to find a full party to play with. That being said, Behaviour Interactive has stated that players can opt-out if they so wish.

Furthermore, a newly implemented cross-platform friends list (dubbed “Cross-Friends”), will enable people to party up with their friends regardless of platform. However, that doesn’t mean cross-platform communication is enabled.

Developer Behaviour Interactive has given a good old yank on its update deployment lever for asynchronous multiplayer horror hit Dead by Daylight, unleashing its previously promised cross-play support for PC and consoles.

What’s more, players will also be able to access progression, inventory, and purchases across Steam, Switch, and even Stadia next month. Sadly, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players won’t necessarily be getting the same feature.

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For more information on Dead By Daylight‘s cross-play update, check out the blog post.

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