DCL The Game FREE on Steam this Weekend

DCL The Game FREE on Steam this Weekend

Got a free weekend?

DCL – The Game is available for FREE this weekend on Steam. Players can race against their friends, fly for fun or simply try out a new game.

Pilots who want to be drafted into a Drone Racing Team to compete in the Drone Champions League 2020, should prove their skills this weekend as it is the last chance to get noticed.

Here’s how you can rack up a few flying miles on three types of drone configurations, in four different gaming modes, on some seriously challenging racetracks.

Simply download DCL – The Game on Steam here and play for free from until 29th March 8 PM GMT.

But Wait, There’s More…

A further 34% discount on DCL – The Game is available from until 30th March until 5 PM GMT.

Pilots, Show Your Skills!

DCL – The Game is modelled closely on real-life drone flight behaviour. It is so close that team pilots use it for event qualification. The top-performing pilots in the game can compete in the DCL Draft Selection.

Once a year, pilots can be drafted to real-life racing teams competing in the Drone Champions League

Players can select from four different models:

  • ARCADE MODE is perfect for beginners, thanks to the automated altitude control and simplified controls.
  • GPS MODE flies like your standard camera drone, with stabilization and altitude control.
  • ANGLE MODE, also known as stabilized mode, simulates most amateur racing drones.
  • ACRO MODE gives the pilot complete control, this is how real drone racing and freestyle pilots fly their drones

Fly through over 24 spectacular tracks and compete online against other pilots from all over the world! Every week, additional tracks will be released. These will also be available through online events.

Discover real drone racing tracks like the snowy halfpipes of LAAX and the castle ruins of Reutte. Each location will present a new and unique challenge and will demand all your piloting skills!

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For more information on DCL – The Game, check out the DCL website. DCL – The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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