May 25, 2022

DayZ Saw “Hundreds of Thousands” of New Players Recently

Xbox Game Pass has helped Bohemia Interactive’s survival-horror game, DayZ, see unprecedented player count recently. Well done to DayZ, and welcome to the Game Pass.

DayZ has recently seen a massive influx in players.

Thanks to the game coming to the Xbox Game Pass library, “hundreds of thousands” of new players have joined DayZ.

Developer Bohemia Interactive has cited this “huge influx of new players” as making sure the game is “flourishing now more than ever”.

Bohemia’s Publishing Director, Vojtěch Ješátko, stated in a press release:

“Xbox Game Pass is a great opportunity for us to open the game to a different audience. [It also] let a massive number of new players experience DayZ in all its crude harshness and beauty, together with the veterans.

“Over the years, DayZ has gone through a difficult development, but at Bohemia Interactive, we never lost faith in the game. So seeing its record player numbers across all platforms is a very rewarding moment for the whole team”.

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“For us, it also confirms that DayZ still remains an unmatched and unforgettable survival experience”.

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