Days Gone Getting New Game Plus

Days Gone Getting New Game Plus

Days Gone, the biker-meets-zombies PS4 exclusive, is getting an update 13th September. The update will feature, among other things, a New Game Plus mode.

The update will allow players to select from a range of difficulties, including Hard 2 and Survival 2. These new difficulties will be available to all players starting a regular playthrough, as well.

The New Game Plus mode can be started for anyone who has completed the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline. Players will be able to keep all previously earned weapons, skills, bike upgrades, patches, collectables, and more when they carry over.

Furthermore, Sony revealed a handful of Trophies related to the New Game Plus, Hard 2, and Survival 2 modes are available. Alongside all of this, they teased a mysterious new weapon that is “from an agent that only operates in the shadows.”

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To make this even more tantalising, the update will be free to download. However, it’s not the only Days Gone news Sony has for us. Mondo has created a vinyl of the Days Gone soundtrack and features 25 unique tracks taken from the game. The soundtrack will be available to pre-order from 11th September from Mondo’s website.

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