May 22, 2022

David Jaffe, The Creator Of God Of War, Joins Movie Games

Movie Games is happy to announce that David Jaffe, the creator of the legendary series God of War, has joined the company as a consultant, and was invited to join its supervisory board.

David Jaffe is a BAFTA-winning former creative director of Sony Santa Monica, and a legend in the game development industry. He is known for designing breakthrough games for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 platforms. He created God of War, a series that even today remains a staple of the PlayStation brand and sold more than 51 million units, according to New York Times. Mr. Jaffe also designed and directed entries in the classic Twisted Metal series, which spearheaded an onslaught of similar vehicle combat titles. A live action series based on Twisted Metal is currently in development

“We are thrilled to work with David Jaffe. He shaped some of our fondest gaming memories, and the direction the industry would take for years to come. He’s incredibly talented, imaginative, and supportive. We believe this marks a step towards many new high-potential projects for Movie Games, and our cooperation may be extended in the future.”

Mateusz Wcześniak, CEO Movie Games

Movie Games, a video game developer and publisher from Poland, got in touch with Mr. Jaffe upon the March 2021 release of their esoteric / erotic horror game Lust from Beyond. Mr. Jaffe expressed his interest in the title, streamed it on his social media channels, and enjoyed the quality and the novelty of the game.

“I am delighted to join the Movie Games Family! From strange and blisteringly imaginative gems like Lust From Beyond, to fresh and innovative titles like the upcoming War Hospital, Movie Games is not afraid to take chances. I have found them to be refreshingly, excitingly open to exploring new game ideas. Truth be told, it reminds me of early Playstation days, where unique-but still commercial-ideas still had a seat at the table. In some ways, it feels like coming home. Granted, it’s a strange version of home, where everyone but me has accents that make them sound like bad guys in a Bond movie. But still- it’s home nonetheless! And I dig it!”

David Jaffe

David Jaffe will take part in project selection and guide the games in development for Movie Games and the studios from the Movie Games family. The company will also benefit from Mr. Jaffe’s expertise in the areas of marketing and networking. Movie Games has also invited him to join the supervisory board, and is open to any projects Mr. Jaffe may wish to realize himself.

“David Jaffe has created all kinds of games, from triple-A megahits to ambitious and innovative indies. He’s also a popular streamer and has great insight into current gaming trends. The unique combination of his development experience and connection with gamers makes David a perfect person to recognize the true value of any project and find the best possible solution.”

Piotr Gnyp, CMO Movie Games

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