Darkest Dungeon PVP-Mode Not A Joke

Darkest Dungeon PVP-Mode Not A Joke

Who doesn’t like an elaborate or mind-boggling April fool’s joke? The gaming industry is full of them. And we can certainly use a few good laughs, right now. However, an announcement from Red Hook Studios, concerning their game, Darkest Dungeon, has turned out to be true.

April Fool’s Announcement.

Despite being announced on April 1 on the Darkest Dungeon Twitter account the latest DLC named The Butcher’s Circus is not a joke.

Seeing as the DLC was teased on this particular date most of us assumed that this was just a prank by the developers. And considering that Darkest Dungeon is a game that heavily focuses on building your own party of heroes to fight Lovecraftian monsters you can understand our skepticism. But this was not the case. The developers announced, just a few days later, that a multiplayer mode was coming, for the game.

The Butcher’s Circus.

The DLC will feature the Circus as a new area, in the game. However, the greatest focus is the new PVP-mode. The tweet mentions both arena fights and hero vs hero battles.

Me, min/maxing my roster of dungeon crawlers.

With teams of four heroes, players will be able to square-off against each other. There will be ranks for players to earn as they make their way through the arena where new gladiator-trinkets can help heroes out, in battle. As of yet, there’s no official release date. But, according to the Darkest Dungeon Twitter account, the DLC should be released sometime in May.

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