Ambitious Dark Souls Mod  Nightfall Brings Bloodborne Mechanics to Lordran

Ambitious Dark Souls Mod Nightfall Brings Bloodborne Mechanics to Lordran

As all true Dark Souls enthusiasts know all too well, completing the base game really is just the beginning. Forget NG+, we’re talking mods. And with the latest mod to land, named “Nightfall” we can confirm the Dark Souls modding community is very much alive and kicking.

But, over a decade after the release of the original game, Nightfall isn’t just a new Firekeeper skin to satisfy your inner weeb. A group of well-known modders in the community have banded together to deliver something next to extraordinary. Nightfall doesn’t just expand on Dark Souls, it continues the story from [spoiler] after you dispatch Gwen and extinguish the flame. So as the light leaves Lordran, so darkness descends. And Nightfall is born.

Grimrukh’s Nest

In the works of Grimrukh, one of the key contributors responsible for the inception of this gigantic update, comments,

“AinTunez and I started sketching the outline for Nightfall in 2019, and spent 2020 assembling the team and piecing together the core components. We released a preview of the first 18 minutes of the game in February 2021.”

He continues,

“Nightfall is a direct fan-made sequel to Dark Souls, with a new story, new characters and bosses, new world map (built mostly from the existing pieces), and much more. It’s basically a brand new Souls game built using the Dark Souls engine and assets. Combat will be faster-paced, against a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar foes, with brand new voiced NPCs and side-quests. Nightfall also takes many cues from the design of Majora’s Mask, one of my favorite games.”

Up the Tempo

Speaking of the pacing, checking out some of creator Prod’s footage of the demon on YouTube, its quite the departure. Instead of rolling the player now has a fast dash, similar to Bloodborne. And like that Eldritch classic, Nightfall introduces a regain or rally mechanic whereby players can get some of their lost heath back by attacking in a set time after being hit. Combine the two changes, and we’d expect to see less focus on passivity engendering shields, too.

The game also opens in the middle of Lost Izalith, a far cry from the comfort of Firelink Shrine. An interesting choice, undoubtedly an area of the game that’s come under the most criticism over the years. Additionally, estus seems to have made an exit, as too have bonfires. These are replaced instead by the Umbrus Effigy and Wellsprings. Such visual and visceral departures from the original format certain put up a flag. This is not Dark Souls. This is something else entirely.

You can check out some of these inspired changes in the demo footage below;

YouTube player

As Elden Ring Approaches

Of course, we have seen some incredible mods in the past that look to expand on the lore of the original. Daughters of Ash is an exceptional example of this, and surprise surprise also penned by Grimrukh. But never before have we seen anything at this scale, with this ambition and executed with such finesse.

The good news that the demo for Dark Souls: Nightfall is available now for free. Of course you’ll need the vanilla game to begin with, but all interested parties should check out this link for more details. And with a whole month left before Elden Ring lands, what better way to pass the time.

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