Cyberpunk Action RPG The Ascent is Coming to PlayStation

Cyberpunk Action RPG The Ascent is Coming to PlayStation

The Ascent, originally published as a Games Pass exclusive for PC and Xbox has been rated for PS4 and PS5.

For those yet to play the game, The Ascent is a duel-stick, multiplayer isometric action RPG. And it doesn’t hold back on the fun factor either. It’s a riotous ride from start to finish. It crams in enough RPG elements to keep your build unique without overburdening itself. In short, it’s a great little game. One that made quite an impact when it launch on Games Pass a few months back.

Developed by a team of just 12 people at Neon Giant, and published by Curve Digital, it turned heads across the industry back in June 2021. Scoring 7 to 9 out of 10 across the board, this exclusive was one to play in the middle of 2021. But, it seems, it will be a Microsoft exclusive no more.

The Ascent has received a game rating for PlaySation 4 and 5, from the Game Rating Board in Taiwan. This rating is now live and fully visible in its database. For those in doubt, here’s a screenshot of the ratings in question;

Taiwan’s ratings database clearly shows The Ascent rated for PlayStation 4 and 5

To be honest, this is a great move from the developers and perhaps a sign that not all exclusives will stay that way for long. In an industry besotted with acquiring studios left right and centre for the purpose of exclusivity, any move against the grain is cause for celebration. We can only hope that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI follow the same path as The Ascent.

Source; Novice Gamer Guides

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