Cyberpunk 2077 Leaked Video Hints at Massive Content Update

Cyberpunk 2077 Leaked Video Hints at Massive Content Update

Cyber-attacks, ransomware, and accusations of crunch culture left right and centre, it’s been one hell of a rocky road for CD Projekt RED recently. And now this. Spotted first on Instagram and YouTube, a leaked Cyberpunk 2077 ad seems to suggests that the largest update to the biggest launch let-down of last year is coming our way soon.

To all extent and purpose, this looks like a marketing ad for the game that disappointed so many on launch. But crucially, it hints at “More Things to Come”, although following the leaked video, CDPR have yet to issue any formal statement on exactly what we can expect from this much needed overhaul. So long as its not a T-pose emoji, I think we’ll be ok.

In CDPRs defence, it has been very vocal around the roadmap for fixing, and improving Cyberpunk 2077. Originally, patch 1.1 and 1.2 were scheduled for the early part of this year, as you can see in the early roadmap shared widely by the developer. By now we should be well into the territory of “Free DLCs” and fast approaching the “Free Next Gen Console Update”. But at this stage, with no major content add-ons released this year, that all seems a bit unlikely.

Back to the Drawing Board

Naturally, given the state of the game and the widespread backlash it has received, CDPR had to return to the drawing board again. This time, the roadmap focused much more heavily on patches and fixes. At this point the horse has well and truly bolted. But it does suggest that, as we head gleefully into the second half of the year, something tasty may soon be dropping for Cyberpunk 2077 after all.

Of course, this new video may simply be an effort to re-engage audience now pest-control has a handle on the bug infestation. CDPR themselves said last month that the game has reached a satisfying level (to who we might ask). Certainly, the game is improved since its disastrous unveiling. But how much is still up for debate. Alternatively, this could very well be the campaign behind the first DLC to drop, but that’s speculation at best. We can but hope.

Source; Forbes