Cyberpunk 2077 CE Shipped Early by Best Buy

Cyberpunk 2077 CE Shipped Early by Best Buy

With exactly one week to go before release official, it seems there are still a few twists in the tale left before Cyberpunk final hits the shelves. According to a number of customers, Best Buy have already shipped copies of the collector’s edition, with delivery marked for today.

This was originally posted to Twitter by Joshua Reece (@SLickJosh2141) and has been confirmed by a myriad of other users,

As impatience reaches fever pitch, we predict there might well be a sudden surge in orders of the special edition, which seems to be the only version to have slipped though the net thus far. But if you do fancy chancing your arm, beware. Rumours are spreading of a colossal day one patch, which may not be available until the official launch date, although CD Projekt Red have yet to comment.

Streamers and Dreamers

And for the YouTubers out there, take heed. CDPR have issued a no streaming embargo that extends until the 9th of December, at exactly 11 am GMT. For some the temptation to share as yet unseen content has already proven too much, and videos have started popping up in dark corners on the net.

Here at Any Button Gaming we are now firmly entrenched in a concrete encased no-spoiler free zone. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t mind getting our grubby little mits on the game early. Have you ordered from Best Buy, and has your copy now arrived? If so we’d love to hear from you. It could be the final push we need to nudge our pre-orders up to the collector’s edition.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action RPG set in a dystopian…oh Jesus if you don’t know this already you’re living in a bubble. It’s finally set to release on 10th of December, on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series x/s, Xbox One and PC. The wait is finally over. Almost.

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