Cyber Rain Reveals New Cyberpunk Tattoo Artist Experience; Tattoo Punk

Cyber Rain Reveals New Cyberpunk Tattoo Artist Experience; Tattoo Punk

Cyber Rain Games is happy to announce its upcoming project, Tattoo Punk. Tattoo Punk could best describe as a tattoo salon management game with a big focus on the story. Cyber Rain is developing Tattoo Punk in partnership with No Gravity Games and VARSAV Game Studios.

  • Be creative; design your own tattoos and body mods, and redecorate your working space!
  • Socialize; foster relationships and promote your studio!
  • Take care of your business; schedule appointments, pay the bills, and resupply, all while raising your son!

And don’t forget, client satisfaction and comfort are of utmost importance! 

The year is 2100…

The world has gone forward as much as it’s gone backwards. Corruption runs rampant and corporations have their fingers in every aspect of life, and the social divide has never been greater. This is the latest stage of capitalism – selling your kidney to afford next month’s rent.

But living in the future has its benefits – technology, body mods, neon tattoos… And that’s where you come in, Henry. You’ve had a rough childhood but you made it out of the rathole. You had a life, a family, stability. Until she died. Now you have to fend for yourself and take care of your son. So, you gotta do the only thing you’ve ever been good at – tattooing. Well, maybe it’s not the only thing you’re good at, but ain’t nobody gonna pay you to get into barfights. So, you took out a loan, now you gotta hustle. Don’t worry though, I have a feeling your first client is just around the corner.


Tattoo Punk is a story-driven, management game where you own the Cyber-Tattoo Studio. You play as Henry, a newly single father trying to create the best tattoo parlour in the city overcome with mafia feuds. Customise your studio, make dope futuristic tats, grow your business and brand. Create your own story in a city full of body mods, rotten to the core with longing for cash and fame. Will you be able to balance being a parent with your Tattoo Punk lifestyle?


  • The human body is a canvas – You are the artist. Unleash your creativity and design beautiful, massive, aggressive, meaningful tattoo patterns, then transfer them onto the skin… or mechanical augments.
  • Art is business…so you better make the dough – Tattoos are awesome, yes, but what about money? Surviving in the city isn’t cheap, so use your silver tongue to haggle for the best price for your work. Sometimes you earn more than you should, sometimes the business goes south.
  • Meet your homies, tat and pimp your studio! But remember – you are not only an artist – you are also an owner, which means you must take care of proper advertisement of your tattoo parlour and manage your socials – people’s opinions might help you or hurt your business.
  • Ink your way into the world – Wake, Ink, Sleep, repeat. Foster relationships, gain loyal customers, secure your position in the city. Charm, Ink, Trade, work hard. Be a Tattoo Punk.
  • Punk’s not dead!

Tattoo Punk is still in development, its release date will be announced soon. The game will launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch in the near future. Other platforms are also being considered. Add Tattoo Punk to your Steam Wishlist now. Join the Cyber Rain Games Discord channel, or follow VARSAV Game Studios on Twitter.