July 5, 2022

Curse Of The Pharaohs? More Like Curse Of The Delayed!

After the release date in October, Assassin’s Creed took us by a sandstorm. But now? We have to wait.

Publishers, Ubisoft have confirmed the delaying of the DLC – Curse Of The Pharoahs. The DLC was originally meant to be released on the 6th March, but has now been pushed back to 13th March, much to fans’ dismay.

To quench our thirst, Ubisoft revealed a trailer which demonstrates the destruction waiting to desecrate the expectations.

Zombies! Zombies Everywhere!

The new expansion unveils new locations such as Thebes, complete with Karnak and Luxor temples. Alas! Let’s not forgetting the Valley Of Kings, across the Nile. Our male protagonist, Bayek, hunts down artefacts that have been lifted by the light fingers of a grave robber, unleashing a flurry of zombie-like pharaohs across the plains of ancient Egypt.

Bayek will have to valiantly fight the zombified kings twice over, once before the afterlife and one in the afterlife.

Will Bayek be capable of defeating the undead rulers? Or will he be able to stop them from causing chaos? Watch the trailer below!

Source: VG247

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