May 17, 2022

Crysis Twitter Account Teases New Crysis Game

Recent activity on the long dormant Crysis Twitter account suggests an upcoming reveal of a new entry in the franchise.

The inactive Twitter account broke its silence on April 13th, with a tweet simply reading “RECEIVING DATA“. The last tweet from the account was from 2016.

The account then tweeted again the next day, with the text “Hey Nomad, you’re still with us?“. This tweet references Nomad, the protagonist of the first Crysis game.

What Could It Be?

Understandably, these tweets ignite speculation that a reveal of a new entry in the FPS franchise is on the way.

It’s notable that the second tweet explicitly references the fan favourite character Nomad. Despite being the protagonist of the first game, the character was completely absent from subsequent sequels. It stands to reason that the hypothetical new instalment would feature a heroic return of the character.

However, considering the recent success of remakes like Resident Evil 2, and the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake, we at AnyButtonGaming bet that the eventual reveal is a remake/remaster of the first Crysis.

Whether the reveal is for a Crysis 4 or Crysis 1 Remake, we expect that the title would launch for the next generation of consoles.

Could The Title Be A PlayStation Exclusive?

Although, might the title be a PlayStation 5 exclusive? Crysis developer Crytek certainly seem to favour Sony’s next-generation console. A Crytek employee recently claimed “I don’t think you can find a programmer that could name one advantage that [Xbox Series X] has over PS5.” These tweets were later deleted and retracted, presumably on request from Crytek.

Nomad – Who Is The Series Protagonist?

Despite Nomad’s absence from Crysis‘s sequels, the character saw his story come to a close in IDW’s Crysis comic series. Nomad sacrificed himself to save the life of Prophet, the protagonist of Crysis 3, by jumping in front of a rocket.

However, Crysis 3 hints at Nomad’s revival, and potentially even gives a clue to the plot of Crysis 4. Collecting all datapads reveals that Nomad is alive, and is being hunted by a nanosuit operator known as “Lockhart”. The scenario sounds remarkably reminiscent of Halo 5: Guardians’ Locke VS Master Chief plot.

If the hypothetical title comes to PC, we expect the title to be available on the Steam store, after EA games are recently starting to return to the storefront.

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