May 22, 2022

Crysis Remastered Release Date Leaked

Get in your nanosuit and grab whichever gun you have closest, at hand. Nomad is back and he is looking better than ever.

We are getting our first sneak peek from Crytek’s remastered PC-slayer July 1, at 9 am PST/12 pm EST / 5 pm BST. And now Microsoft has announced that the game is coming sooner than we expected. So join me in a silent prayer followed by a sacrifice of our finest RAM (see what I did there?) to appease the gods of cooling fans and GPUs, because Crysis Remastered is coming July 23.

Below is the coming gameplay trailer for Crysis Remastered.

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Gameplay Trailer

The game was first announced back in April, after a long streak of teases and furtive hints, with this trailer. However, the trailer doesn’t actually show us that much. It’s really just a bunch of foliage, to be honest with you. And from what I could remember from the original game, trees aren’t major news.

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Announcement Trailer

Welcome To The Teenage Years

The game celebrates its thirteenth birthday this year, in November, so the gameplay trailer probably won’t be all that elucidating. The trailer will most likely serve as a graphical showcase, letting us see just how much this already gorgeous game can flex its visual muscles.

The game is described as a “faithful remaster”, so we probably can’t much news on the gameplay side. But we can always hope that the developers have added some weapons or abilities from the two sequels.


The original was considered the peak of graphical performance and GPU demand back in the day. Crysis became (in)famous for its ability to melt inferior video cards. And many are hoping that the remaster will keep that tradition alive. God knows how it will look with current tech. All I know is that my GPU is sizzling just thinking about it.

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