Crusader Kings III DLC adds Norsemen

Crusader Kings III DLC adds Norsemen

Crusader Kings III, the grand strategy game has added its first chunk of paid DLC.

Entitled ‘Northern Lords’, the flavour pack adds new units, decisions and events to the game with a distinctly northern theme. Check out the trailer for the pack below!

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As the name implies, the pack adds units such as Shieldmaidens and Berserkers, with the ability to cast your own runes to earn the favour of the gods, and if that doesn’t work, you can sacrifice a prisoner just in case.

Players also get a free update which adds a poet trait, duels between characters and winter (which comes in three different types) to the game, along with a host of bug fixes and new balancing characteristics which include the possibility to recruit children from prison as long as they’re not heir to one of their liege’s titles…which is fun, although I prefer ‘Your sibling will no longer be seen as a bastard if your dad dies before your mom knows she’s pregnant’… very Game of Thrones.

You can read the full list of patch notes here

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords is available now for £5.19 from Steam or the Paradox Store

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