May 19, 2022

Crimesight – A MultiPlayer Detective Game

Pitting players in mystery-solving cases against one another

Konami has announced Crimesight a multiplayer detective game.

Crimesight takes place in 2075 London where most crime has been eradicated thanks to the Foresight AI which predicts crimes before they happen. The result: a 90% drop in such criminal activity across the globe.

Until, that is, the system predicts a crime that could irrevocably plunge the world into chaos. This alarming discovery leaves the system’s architects little choice but to act. They pour their resources into developing an AI
whose sole purpose is to investigate and prevent this apocalyptic crime.

The name of this AI: Sherlock. Sherlock’s purpose is to prevent the criminal mastermind AI: Moriarty from executing his devious plot to murder. Take control of the simulator’s “avatars”, and uncover Moriarty’s “target” along with the avatar tasked with committing the foul deed, the “villain.”

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Crimesight Trailer

Moriarty will attempt to predict the perfect moment to murder an avatar, while Sherlock will do everything in his power to save the one marked for murder, the “target.” Though Sherlock has full command of the avatars’ movements in the simulator, so too does Moriarty, who won’t hesitate to make his “pawns” do his bidding. Only the “target” may elude Moriarty’s control.

The game doesn’t have a release date just yet, but there is a closed beta running on PC you can try to be a part of.

Source: Konami

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