Crash: On the Run Available Now

Crash: On the Run Available Now

We reported on the upcoming Crash Bandicoot mobile game a number of months ago.

And it has now launched on iOS and Android devices (in fact, it was available a day early for some!).

And, as we all knew, it is an endless-runner style of game with all the Crash bells and whistles thrown in.

I’ve had the game since it was available, and I can confirm, it’s as fun as you can suspect. It won’t break your devices with storage or graphical abilities. But it is a fun little excersion if you need a bit more Crash in your life.

Aside from the usual endless-runner gameplay mechanics, what can you expect? Well, there’s a mission-based system in place that requires you to take down various enemies. You do this by picking up different ingredients to construct vials, bombs, and other useful gadgets. Then, with your inventory stocked up, you take to one of the henchmen or zone bosses (you need to take out a certain amount of henchmen to take on the boss). After a quick run, you get to the target and throw your item at them to warp them back home.

Yes, there’s a small level of multiverse shenanigans going on. It allows for multiple versions of the same characters to make appearances. For instance, the first world features no fewer than three Dingodiles for you to take down.

Oh, and two Nitrus Brio

Obviously, the main focus of the game is running. The game features familiar tropes from the Crash Bandicoot series – crates, bouncing boxes, Wumpa fruit, and Aku Aku masks to name a few. There’s also several different skins for Crash and Coco to try out, each one providing different buffs to your run. However, therein lies the catch. To get the better skins, you’ll have to fork over some Pink Crystals – the game’s premium currency.

The usual MTX shenanigans are available

The smallest denomination you can buy is a 45 crystal package for £1.99. This increases exponentially up to the 3,250 vault worth of crystals, for £99.99! If you don’t want to dump a huge amount of money straight off, you don’t have to, however. Aside from when I first open the game, there were no pop-ups urging me to pay for something. If you are of the mindset that you want to give yourself a bit of a head-up, there are a few offers available.

There’s a starter pack available for £4.99. This provides players with the “Biker Crash Skin Pack” (Biker Crash as seen in Crash 3: Warped). You also get 220 crystals, plus a small top-up of various ingredients. There’s also three subscription packages available. Each one gives you a different amount of crystals instantly, plus additional amounts added daily. The smallest (a seven day bundle) will set you back £2.99 and gives you 20 crystals instantly, with 10 daily. In comparison, the largest bundle, the 30 day subscription grants you 100 crystals instantly with a 25 crystal daily pay-out.

However, again, at no point did I feel the need to purchase anything. The grind is relative to the genre and developers (King, in case you were wondering). Being a fan of endless-runners, I enjoyed the gameplay, which doesn’t see any difficulty spikes but does play a decent homage to the Crash series. Again, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is available now on iOS and Android devices. And, aside from microtransactions, it’s completely free!

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