July 6, 2022

Cradle of Sins Kickstarter Campaign Launches

Developers U24 Solutions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for upcoming MOBA game Cradle of Sins VR. To mark the campaign, a new gameplay trailer has been released, which you can see below;

YouTube player

U24 aim for Cradle of Sins to be the “competitive MOBA title that the Virtual Reality E-Sports scene is still missing”, via Press Release.

The developers have worked closely with their Discord channel VR players to achieve a game that that community wanted. Steve Parker, Co-Founder of U24 Solutions, said the following in a Press Release;

“The feedback from our closed Discord group has shown us that Cradle of Sins has the potential of being a competitive MOBA title. We have a clear understanding of what the game needs to accomplish this goal. That’s why we launched this Kickstarter to gain the support needed to help us finish the game and bring something truly remarkable to the VR gaming community”.

For anyone interested in signing up to U24’s Discord to help further shape the project, the developers;

“have opened up their closed Discord group for an additional 500 players. First ones to join will be granted a Cradle of Sins Alpha Steam key for. Everyone supporting Cradle of Sins on Kickstarter will have a guaranteed spot in the closed Discord group for Alpha testing”.

Cradle of Sins releases in Early Access for HTC Vive, Valve Index and Oculus platforms in early 2020. A PlayStation VR and mobile integrations are to be added later.

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