Crab Game – Definitely Nothing Fishy About This!

Crab Game – Definitely Nothing Fishy About This!

I am sure that most of you reading this have heard about the show currently stomping all over the Netflix record books: Squid Game. Well, according to this games developer, Dani, Crab Game is:

definitely not based on any online streaming pop culture Korean tv shows, as that would get me in legal trouble, so we’re certainly not doing that.

Dani? Yes, the one that developed Muck. Which if you have yet to play you should, it is heaps of fun.

Can Crab Game be as popular as Muck? Well, I will leave you to decide that.

Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you fight for the ultimate cash price in different minigames based on children’s games, until only one player is left to claim it all.

Before you watch the trailer below, I would recommend having the sound very low. It is more than a little weird!

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  • Up to 35 players
  • 28 Maps
  • 9 Game-modes
  • Server List
  • Milk

There can be only one survivor. I know it sounds similar to something else, but I cannot quite put my finger on what.

If you are interested in playing this you can download it for FREE on Steam here.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the game. If I can persuade the editors to join me, there will be an ABG stream on this game, so make sure you are following Any Button Gaming across the socials so you do not miss out on the carnage! I mean fun!

Source: Steam

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