Cozy Grove: Dib Dib Dib

Cozy Grove: Dib Dib Dib

Cozy Grove is a management simulator about camping on a haunted, ever changing island. It has been developed and published by Spry Fox.

You play as a Spirit Scout that’s sent to an abandoned, haunted island. Here you are tasked with soothing the spirits of local ghosts, who just so happen to be adorable animals. When you begin, the island is full of sepia tones. However, as you explore and complete tasks for the spirits each day, beautiful, vibrant colours and joy returns to the world.

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Cozy Grove is a charming, hand-drawn game that has you performing the same menial, yet oddly satisfying jobs as Animal Crossing, but with a spooky twist. The goal is to do Spirit Scout things such as helping the island’s ghost mail-bear find lost mail. Or to bring life back to the colourless island. The stylized ghost bears gives you spirit wood after you help them. You then need to take these to a campfire called Flamey (of course) which consumes the spirit wood. This allows the flames to illuminate the world, turning it full and lush. It happens in such a way that you can feel the warmth spreading out around you. Flamey’s light also reveals new parts of the world and spirits to help out, expanding the scope of the island each time.

It would also appear that the developers do not want you to spend all day sitting looking at the screen and they are encouraging you to put your chosen gaming device of choice down and enjoy the real world. There is only so much you can do in the game in one day. So after about 30 minutes or so of gameplay you may find yourself having to log off and return the next day to continue.

Cozy Grove is out now and available to play on Apple Arcade, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

Source: Spry Fox

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