Could This Help Google Stadia Make an Impact?

Could This Help Google Stadia Make an Impact?

As many of you will be aware, Google Stadia currently does not have the best line-up of games.

Sure, there’s plenty of AAA and a few indie titles, but nowhere near enough to make an impact against the likes of Xbox and PlayStation. Recently, however, Google made an announcement that might just bring a few more eyes (and potential players) to the system.

At the Google for Games Developer Summit, the team behind Stadia revealed the “Stadia Makers” programme. The aim of this new programme is to help expand self-publishing opportunities for indie devs. In return, they bring their games to the Stadia platform.

The Stadia Makers programme is being run in partnership with Unity. Together, indie devs will be offered:

  • Tech support provided by Unity. This support will help developers achieve their targeted alpha, beta, certification, and launch dates.
  • Depending on the size and structure of a team, up to five physical dev kits will be provided by Google.
  • Google knows that there is a very real financial consideration when it comes to developing across platforms. As such, Stadia will offset some of those costs.

We Are Unity

Within this blog entry, Google also noted that 120 games will ship to Stadia within this year. They also noted how more developers had applied to work with Google ahead of their launch than they could work with “at the time”.

Which, maybe means we could cut a little bit of slack on the whole limited launch titles available. But only a little.

If you happen to be an indie developer and would like to get involved with the Stadia Makers programme, check out the link here. Do note there are a few eligibility criteria that must be met before you can join the programme, including:

  • Building a game on Unity 2019.3 or later and expect to ship your title within 2020/2021.
  • Be willing to add Stadia to your list of launch-day platforms regardless of what they might be.

Who knows, maybe this will bring a whole heap of new, interesting indie games to Stadia.

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