June 25, 2022

Could Horizon Zero Dawn be Headed to PC?

If Kotaku’s Jason Schreier is to be believed, Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on PC this year.

Now, there’s a heap of speculation here as nothing has been confirmed. However, Schreier has cited “three people familiar with Sony’s plans” as his sources. These sources point to Horizon being available on both Steam and the Epic Store at “some point in 2020.”

Previously, Horizon has been a PlayStation 4 exclusive. And a damn good one too!

Horizon will join the list of these PlayStation exclusives to have made the jump to PC; ThatGameCompany’s Journey and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human.

And, Kojima Productions has announced that Death Stranding will come to PC this summer.

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Horizon is the only game out of that bunch not made by an independent studio, however. Whether other titles will, eventually, make the jump remains to be seen. Maybe it’s Sony trying to catch up on Microsoft’s commitment to cross-play.

We’ll find out more if and when it materialises.

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