May 27, 2022

Control’s First Expansion Coming Out 26th March

Are you ready to take on the challenge of The Foundation? Control’s first expansion will hit PlayStation 4 on 26th March with Xbox One and Steam at a later date

One of 2019’s best games, Control, will receive new life in the form of the game’s first expansion.

Developers Remedy will be letting players explore the Oldest House from 26th March in “The Foundation”. Announced via Control‘s Twitter, The Foundation promises more of what made Control so good. Namely, a lot of intrigue, mystery, and supernatural powers.

The Foundation will dig a little deeper into the Federal Bureau of Control’s lowest levels (the foundation of their building, you might say). What mysteries will the expansion uncover? And what will it mean for Jesse Faden?

All of this and more will be revealed when Control‘s first expansion, The Foundation, is released on PlayStation 4 this March. PC and Xbox One players will receive the expansion at a later date.

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