Coffee Crisis – Nintendo Switch Review

Coffee Crisis – Nintendo Switch Review

Coffee Crisis is a tribute to arcade beat’em ups and the golden age of 16 bit brawlers.

The themes of metal, aliens and coffee go so well together; they really bring the fun ideas and dialogue to life.

The game was originally a Kickstarter campaign by Mega Cat Studios to release the game on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, with the expansion to Nintendo Switch also added.

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Story Breakdown

Coffee Crisis features a comedic story of the Smurglian race who have come to earth in an attempt to steal our most precious commodities of metal (musically speaking), coffee and worst of all our wifi; like a leechy neighbour.

Of course the only people capable of stopping the Smurglian’s are Nick and Ashley, two sarcastic baristas fueled by six demon blend coffee.

The intergalactic robbers have many different kinds of enemies in their ranks to defeat including possessed OAP’s, cowgirls and dome headed security guards.

One of the bosses I faced was a country and western star, whom I defeated for the good of the world.

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It must be hard to fight in front of a crowd ice creams…

Combat Style

The combat is fast paced and typical of a retro beat’em up, with only a slight issue regarding the hit detection.

It’s simplistic design and fun draws comparisons with Streets of Rage as well as Golden Axe, though is set apart by the games modifiers that are completely random in nature.

Early on, after getting stuck, I had to tone the difficulty down to easy just to proceed.

This highlighted the difficulty for me when playing solo as the game does incorporate 2 player local and online co-op.

Having a partner to play with would of, I imagine, made it a lot easier on medium difficulty let alone the hard or death metal settings.

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Not quite sure if Professor Xavier is controlling the possessed elderly

Co-op Advised

An issue I noticed early on was that when playing alone the enemies can easily crowd you and only the special attack can get you out of trouble, until it’s gauge runs out.

Some of the screen effects can also make it hard to figure out where you are when they appear, which can make the boss encounters difficult.

I had a lot of fun defeating the aliens and really enjoyed their designs, from the head banging metal kind, to the alien Charles Xavier’s zapping you with their mind bullets.

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A classic work day, fighting a mutated cookie monster on the moon

The soundtrack is fantastic, as a fan of metal I really enjoyed the 12 professional tracks the game has, as they really give the game a great atmosphere when smashing up some crazy aliens.

Pros –

  • Classic 16 bit beat’em up
  • That awesome metal
  • Getting the invincibility modifier and a sword pickup
  • Nick and Ashley’s dialogue

Cons –

  • Very hard to play solo unless on easy difficulty
  • Lack of varied moveset

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Smashing the Smurglian's!
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Coffee Crisis is great fun solo and even easier in co-op, which highlights the solo play difficulty.

A great soundtrack keeps the the action intense.

Funny story and sarcastic characters make the game enjoyable, with Nick and Ashley relatable protagonists (we’ve all been called on to defeat aliens, right?).

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