May 22, 2022

COD: Warzone Patch Released To Balance Weapons

Infinity Ward in their infinite wisdom have released a new patch in COD: Modern Warfare and Warzone to help balance some weapons.

Certain weapons affected by the patch are the FAMAS (FR 5.56), with the under-barrel shotgun attachment nerfed to adjust the damage it’s able to deal and the popular Bruen MK9 LMG, which has been further adjusted following its most recent adjustment.

The Bruen has had it’s upper torso damaged reduced and had it’s recoil enhanced to further affect the shooting style, with the equipping of the 60-round magazine adding even more recoil when used.

The new SMG the ISO has had its movement penalty reduced when using the drum magazine mods and also had its base ADS boosted.

Another change comes in the form of the 725 shotgun with a sawed-off barrel being nerfed in several ways.

See below the list of patch changes:

General fixes –

  • Fix for an exploit near the Prison in Warzone.
  • Removing the VO from the High Alert perk.

Weapon Balancing –

FAMAS 12-Gauge Deputy under-barrel shotgun
  • Clamped close lethal damage.
  • Fixed damage falloff for the FR 5.56 under-barrel shotgun.
  • Reduced movement penalty for drum mags.
  • Increased base ADS movement speed.
Bruen MK9
  • Reduced upper torso damage.
  • Base weapon – increased recoil.
  • 60 Round Mag – additional increased recoil.
725 sawed-off barrel
  • Small increase to ADS time.
  • Small decrease to movement speed.
  • Reduced close lethal damage range.

Activision recently released the first teaser for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (bit of a mouthful) and are planning a reveal inside Warzone on the 26th August this week! Remember to put that in your digital or paper calendar, depending on how you choose to live your life.

Sourced from: Infinity Ward

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