May 23, 2022

COD: Black Ops COLD WAR Info Leaked on Packet of Doritos


Honestly, sometimes the news writes itself. As one of the biggest video game franchises in the industry, COD is loved and loathed universally. Like some sort of megabyte Marmite, to many this reveal really is hilarious. With hoards of angry 13 year-olds searching every grubby nook and crevice for anything alluding to their next rage quitting favourite, it’s almost a cosmic joke that it should be delivered on their preferred source of sustenance. A packet of crisps.

Feared by keyboards around the world, the humble Dorito has long since been a staple favourite for basement dwelling griefers. Whether Treyarch pairing with the crisp manufacturer for their marketing was a truly inspired move or mere coincidence, remains to be seen. But that point is moot, the cat is truly out of the bag, or should we say crisp packet.

In defence of the orange confectionery, the leaks on the next instalment of COD have been coming thick and fast. Earlier this month “The Red Door” popped up on the Microsoft Store. This hinted at the arrival of Cold War as an internal alpha was leaked. But this new leak dots the i’s, garnering speculation on a possible release window of October 2020. This revealed in the competition small print, which kicks off on the 5th of that month.

COD: Reds under the beds

Harking back to earlier leaks, the cold war theme rings true, with map names surfacing such as “Black Sea”, “KGB”, “Miami”, “Moscow”, and “Tank”. Code names such as “Stakeout”, “Armada”, “Prisoner” and “Revolution” fit too, but more importantly demonstrate that Treyarch have once again reached for a level of thematic subtlety similar to a sickle to the face. Don’t expect Dostoevsky.

Undoubtedly there will be more to follow. Following the recent slew from Ubisoft, leaks in this industry are becoming more common place (except from FromSoft, god damn it).

Whether these are deliberate marketing ploys from increasingly cunning publishers, or because the Venn diagram between “hackers” and “gamers” is pretty much a circle, we don’t care. Either way the result is the same, the hype is continuously kindled, and rekindled until fever pitch is reached. And let’s be honest, no one plays COD for the story anyway.

Source: Eurogamer

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