Co-Op Mode Delayed For Halo Infinite Again

Co-Op Mode Delayed For Halo Infinite Again

Back in August, we got the news from 343 Industries that Halo Infinite would launch without a Co-Op mode. The general consensus was that it’s most likely just a minor delay and that we would soon be able to blast some covenant in the face with a buddy. However, the delay was longer than we expected. Initially, we wouldn’t see a Co-Op mode until May this year but now it seems like we’re going to have to wait even longer than that.

The developers write on Halo Waypoint that the cooperation mode is taking longer than they had expected due to Halo Infinite’s open-world structure. So the function will arrive later, during Season 2.

The Forge multiplayer is already in testing at the hands of a select few. The plan there is still to have it ready for Season 3.

Luckily, there are some good Halo Infinite news as well. Season 2 will have a new Arena-map called Catalyst and a BTB-map called Breaker. There is also a few new modes planned for Season 2 like Elimination free-for-all in Last Spartan Standing, a secret mode which resembles Control called Land Grab, and a fresh twist on King of the Hill. All of this will be available with along a new Battle Pass, new cosmetics and a few other goodies all gathered under the season name: Lone Wolves.

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