July 3, 2022

Club Manager 19 Is Approaching Match Time!

From the creators that brought you FISHAO and MafiaBattle, comes a brand new highly tactical and cross platform football manager game, Club Manager 2019. The game launches early next year with a new kind of gaming experience for football fans.

GamoVation recognised that the popular football manager games lacked exciting content and gameplay features such as opening packs, multiple competitions and leagues, plus the possibility of playing matches on demand. Most football manager games have simulated matches at fixed times; one which may not always be convenient
for astute gamers’. Club Manager 2019 however gives players the freedom to decide when they want to play matches. This exciting new approach to gameplay allows for multiple plays per day and a play-on-demand functionality.

“I have always been inspired by football and football manager games and after 10 years
of successfully producing mafia and fishing related games, it felt like the time was right
to create an advanced football manager game that delivers for the player,” says Daimy
Stroeve, a GamoVation director.

Joppe Houpt, co-founder of the company, adds, “We’ve worked hard to take the
excitement of popular football games and add that to the traditional tactical style of
football management that we all know and love. But of course we’ve done so with our
own philosophy which is centered on user enjoyment. The result as you would expect is
an unparalleled and totally compelling new game which will unreservedly become a fan

Gamers’ opting to take up the mantle of Club Manager can win their way to receiving packs – a concept which borrows from the nostalgic childhood days of collecting football stickers and hoping for that rare and elusive card.

Club Manager 2019 will be available across multiple platforms be it desktop or mobile, conveniently allowing gamers’ to exercise their tactical nous even when on the move. With a slick user interface, user defined match play times and the convenience of a totally portable gaming experience.

The desktop version of the game will be released in Q1 2019, with the mobile version to follow in Q2 2019. You can follow the link below for more information about the game:


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Source: Press Kit

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