Clay Game a Hilarious Indie Game with a Talking Pet

Clay Game a Hilarious Indie Game with a Talking Pet

Developed by Andy Schmitt and published by Everything Lab Clay Game is a hilarious Indie game where you play the part of a lazy “dude” who has a talking cat-like fox or maybe fox-like cat as a their best friend. Yet there is more to this creature, it talks and has a taste for sarcasm and life’s simple pleasures. Why is it called Clay Game? The game is made of clay, obviously!

The Story

Your nerdy sister finds herself in trouble with a mysterious cult. This is highly inconvenient as this event interrupts your care-free lifestyle. You have little choice other than to dust off your magic wand and save your sister. On your adventure you must solve puzzles and avoiding death traps. When you reach the wizard’s tower there is a mystery there to solve too (before it’s too late)!

The Clay Game is a casual single-player game that was made to be finished in one sitting – the puzzles aren’t too hard and it only takes an hour or two.

Note – this game is not for children, as it contains adult language and references to drugs and alcohol.

Available on PC released on the 2nd July 2020

Source: Steam

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