May 22, 2022

Classic RE2 To Get A Canon Fan-made Story Mod

Diehard fans of the original Resident Evil 2 might find something interesting in an upcoming PC mod entitled; Resident Evil: During The Storm. It’s being made by Resevilnemesis30, who some fans may recognise as producing other RE2 mods such as Mortal Night.

Classic Characters?

Not much is known about the main bulk of the campaign at the moment but we do know it brings back a Resident Evil Outbreak character, Kevin Ryman.

Seasoned R.P.D. Officer Kevin Ryman

What we do know is that the mod takes place at the very start of what we now know as “The Raccoon City Incident”. The gameplay involves managing the limited resources of the R.P.D. building before it gets entirely overrun by the beginning of the main RE2 campaign. R.P.D. officer, Kevin Ryman must travel through changing areas of Raccoon City as the outbreak is beginning with different choices affecting the overall outcome of the game. This promotes multiple playthroughs in the usual Resident Evil style of play.

Notice the classic layout of the RPD main hall, not the updated RE2 Remake version.

Chapter Play Has Potential

As for actual content, it looks like rather than one full campaign, we will have chapters to work through. This could potentially tie in to more RE: Outbreak style gameplay with different characters and scenarios showing multiple perspectives of the viral outbreak. The game will be attempting to remain as close to canon as possible so will be borrowing elements from the aforementioned RE: Outbreak and Outbreak File 2.

Survivors have flocked to the RPD in the hopes of being kept safe…we all know how that turns out…

Not being an official title means no official release dates but there are a steady stream of update videos being posted on Resevilnemesis30’s YouTube page.

You can view all of the channel’s other videos here and keep your eyes and ears peeled for future updates.

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