Chroma Quaternion Out Today for Nintendo Switch

Chroma Quaternion Out Today for Nintendo Switch

Chroma Quaternion has today been released for the Nintendo Switch on the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop, priced is £12.14 currently, with a 10% discount.


A quest around four kingdoms, colored by the seasons! A world where the springizens live quiet lives, where roles are granted by the Quadeities. But in the four peaceful kingdoms, each colored by a season, there are sudden strange happenings…

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A person who cannot find a calling, a person bound by a preordained calling and a person not granted a calling, each of them face their worries, and grow as they do so.

Kingdoms Colored By The Four Seasons

In the kingdoms of Spree, Sama, Otam and Wint, the scenery spreads out, complete with monsters suited to the atmosphere. On a journey through the kingdoms, get to the bottom of the mystery of the strange occurrences.

In Chroma Quaternion each character can have up to three roles! Each role has its own skills and special effects to use, and you can enjoy the costume changes for various roles!

In battle, if Act Orbs are charged, you can use Act Over, which permits up to four continuous actions. Charge more and more Act Orbs to inflict huge damage all at once, or keep them ready, to allow you to escape from danger! The choice is yours!

Don’t miss the battle characters with their various roles in Chroma Quaternion, the enemy boss graphics, and the animation! It’s fun even just to watch the flowing pixel art!


  • Extraction of special effects from weapons and armor to make rings
  • Easy to use auto-battle and levelling
  • Maximum level is 999
  • An Arena
  • Sub-Quests

Developed by Kemco, Chroma Quaternion is also available on Xbox, Google Play, Apple Store and Steam.

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