Choo Choo Charles – One Very Bad Train

Choo Choo Charles – One Very Bad Train

Spooktober is upon us and so in keeping with this theme, today I am going to introduce you to Charles. Choo Choo Charles is a train. However, it is no ordinary train. It is an evil spider train! It is unlikely that you will have ever encountered a game like this before. Developed by solo video games developer Two Star Games.

Choo-Choo Charles is an open-world horror game in which you fight an evil spider train named Charles with an old train of your own. Nobody knows where Charles came from, but they know why; to eat the flesh of puny humans.

Navigate an island in an old yellow train, upgrade it over time, and use it to fight an evil sentient train that terrorizes your home. Charles is hungry; don’t be his next meal.

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Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are townspeople that will aid you, as long as you help them out first.

Help out the settlers in return for high powered weapons, and other items vital to Charles’ destruction.

Prove yourself a worthy train killer, by gaining enough strength, firepower, and skill to take down the mechanical terror once and for all.

Choo Choo Charles is out now on PC.

Source: Steam

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