May 19, 2022

CDPR Tease Collaboration with…Fall Guys

Fall Guys

In a series of ever increasingly bizarre tweets, it seems the next big industry collaboration is on the horizon. But unlike Paris Hilton in her home movie debut, nobody one saw this coming. High on the astronomical user gains following the inclusion in Playstation Plus’ August offering, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is aiming high.

Fall Guys is something of an overnight success. Over a million downloads in the first 24 hours caused a server meltdown and the tongue- in-cheek battle royal romper is currently trending at the top spot on Twitch. It’s understandable that this may well have gone to the developers head, and rightly so. But to reach out to one of the biggest, universally adorned developers in the industry for a potential partnership seems a little premature. What absolutely no one expected was for CD Projekt Red to agree.

You Can-not be Ciri-ous!

In a single word reply, CDPR’s response laid down the gauntlet for collaboration terms, suggesting that just a single re-tweet would get the project moving forward.

Even for a relative new-comer to the scene, that’s a pretty low bar. Or so it seemed. On later clarification from CDPR’s ever entertaining social media team, “one” means one…exactly. A pound of flesh, no more no less. They always get you in the small print.

At last count there have been 7.5 thousand retweets. God damned lawyers.

Geralt a’ here!

Not to be outdone, it seems that there’s something of a rivalry at CDPR HQ, with one game’s witty hashtag warrior pitted against the next. Following the request from Fall guys, and Cyberpunks response, it seems someone was feeling a little left out.

So can we expect our mal-coordinated jellybeans to come with enhancement prosthetics, or in a Witcher’s leather garb? It’s fair to say that no one asked for either, but would be welcome. Both would be utterly ridiculous, and ridicule and absurdity are what make Fall Guys so compelling. Whether anything comes of this remains to be seen, but watching CDPR toy with the new kid is entertainment enough. And in these trying times perhaps a healthy dose of absurdity is exactly what the doctor ordered.


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