CD Projekt Red Announces New Witcher Game

CD Projekt Red Announces New Witcher Game

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that a new Witcher game is in production.

And, apparently, it’s going to see some big changes to the franchise.

The Witcher website commented, saying;

“We’re happy to announce that the next instalment in The Witcher series…is currently in development, kicking off a new saga for the franchise”.

Now, a new saga means we might not see Geralt of Rivia return as the lead protagonist. But, that is one of many things we don’t currently know about the project.

Something we do know, however, is that CDPR is transitioning away from its REDengine [as used in previous The Witcher games and even Cyberpunk 2077] in favour of the Unreal Engine 5;

“This is an exciting moment as we’re moving from REDengine to Unreal Engine 5, beginning a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games. It covers not only licensing but technical development of Unreal Engine 5, as well as potential future versions of Unreal Engine, where relevant. We’ll closely collaborate with Epic Games’ developers with the primary goal being to help tailor the engine for open-world experiences”.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next with the project. However, before anyone raises any fears over Epic launch exclusivity, CDPR quickly followed that up. too;

[In response to the new game being an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch, CDPR noted] “We are not planning on making the game exclusive to one storefront”.

Time will tell, of course, how this all plays out. Still, a new Witcher game must be good news for fans of the series. Right?