June 30, 2022

For fans of The Gentlebros’ Cat Quest RPG, there’s great news. Cat Quest 2 is nearing its 24th September release date, and, to celebrate, there’s new gameplay footage.

Coming to PC initially, Cat Quest 2 takes the loveable cutesy RPG stylings of the original and adds…wait for it…dogs! I know! It’s brilliant.

The original Cat Quest, released back in 2017, brought typical genre conventions and tropes and blended them with feline-enthused fun. There was plenty of exploration, levelling-up, dungeons, questing, and monsters to defeat. All with an adorable real-time combat system.

Plus, there was plenty of pussycat puns. What’s not to love about that?

The good news is that Cat Quest 2 retains the same level of gameplay mechanics, but with some added new features. One of them is the addition of dogs!

Added to this is the new location of the Lupus Empire to explore, which promises more diversity compared to the original’s Felingrad. Noted new locations include arid deserts and mountainous regions.

YouTube player

There’s also a deeper variety with dungeons which feature new traps. But that’s not all, as there’s more depth to the combat system too with new weapon types and new magic spells to learn. There are also new passive skils for armour sets.

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Added to all of that there’s a new two-player co-op mode included, which should come in handy for the dungeons that are a bit harder to complete.

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Cat Quest 2 is available on Steam on 24th September with a console edition coming “this Autumn”.

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