June 30, 2022

Castle in the Darkness 2 in Development

LABS Works has announced Castle in the Darkness 2, now in development. The sequel to 2015’s Castle In The Darkness has been made by the same team who worked on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. LABS Works is a newly formed indie studio started by industry veterans Matt Kap and Simon Parzer.

This sequel offers a similar brand of high-speed, action-RPG exploration to the first game, but launches it to new heights!

Matt Kap said, via Press Release;

“Castle in the Darkness 2 still features pixel art, but the fidelity has received a major upgrade. I’m really pushing my limits. I made the first game with an 8-bit aesthetic to keep it fast and simple because I was working on it mostly alone.

But now with Simon taking care of all the technical stuff, along with a few talented specialists, I can focus 100% of my effort on producing the best graphics, music and game design that I’m able to. That’s an incredible feeling!”

Though details are sparse at the moment, Kap implores everyone to follow LABS on social media.

“We will be publishing mini-trailers on the 2nd day of every month that will show off a specific aspect of the game or its development”, Kap added.

“We have lots of surprises in store, and we’re super excited to share them with you!”

Press Release
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For more information on Castle in the Darkness 2’s development, check out the LABS Works official website. Alternatively, you can check the team out on social media. LABS Works are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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