May 17, 2022

CARRION is a Horror Game With a Twist

Monsters who are prepared to stalk, spread fear and consume humans". 

This is how I would imagine a recruitment ad would start for the creature that you become in Phobia Game Studios latest game. CARRION is a horror game with a twist. It is the follow-up to Phobia’s gory side-scroller Butcher.

What is the twist?

They have cleverly created a game which is being marketed as a “reverse horror experience“. In Carrion, you become an amorphous creature, a mutating blob to put it another way, with whip-like tentacles. These allow you to cling to ceilings, squeeze through pipes, rip doors from their hinges and, of course, tear people limb from limb!

You must stalk and consume those that have imprisoned you and spread panic throughout the facility. The more fear and terror you create the more you evolve to the point where you may even possess humans. (I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out).

It will not be all plain terrorising though as some humans will fight back.

As you consume these humans you grow in size and it is your size that dictates what abilities you are able to use. There are two things on your mind: escape and retribution. I cannot help but think about John Carpenter’s The Thing and I wonder how much of an influence it had on this games development? It looks like an interesting puzzle-type of game, with a strong emphasis on gore and sci-horror.

Carrion is due to be released on Xbox One (available on GAME PASS), PC, and Nintendo Switch on 23rd July.

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