June 25, 2022

Popular RPG Cardpocalypse will be available on consoles December 12th. Award-winning indie studio Gambrinous confirmed the news via Press Release recently.

Gambrinous, the creators of Guild of Dungeoneering, brings an RPG where battles are played with an epic collectable card game. Cardpocalypse takes you back to the 1990s. Back to a time when computers used floppy disks, and people read magazines for video game cheat codes. You will explore Dudsdale Elementary on a mission to build killer card decks in an effort to defeat the mutants. You will have to trade, earn, wager, change rules and permanently alter cards on your way to victory.

General Manager of Versus Evil Steve Escalante said;

“Gambrinous is an innovative and imaginative developer and Cardpocalypse is a testament to that. The games unique blend of RPG and card game mechanics, not to mention it’s killer wit, positions Cardpocalypse as one of the standout card-based battlers on console”.

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