July 6, 2022

Car Mechanic Simulator makes its debut on Nintendo Switch!

Car Mechanic Simulator, a series of games that has attracted more than 12 million players on PC and mobile devices, makes its way to the console market! The game is now available for Nintendo Switch owners. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. The cars that stay in line to the workshop will not get repaired all by themselves!

Simulation for everyone!

Car Mechanic Simulator is a production closely connected to reality and belongs to, as the title suggests, the simulation genre. However, the gameplay is so accessible that even people who do not know the automotive industry can play thanks to the intuitive controls of the Nintendo Switch. Now players will not only easily replace broken parts or paint bodywork, but they will also easily navigate around the photo-realistic car workshop.

20 different types of cars are waiting for you!

During the game you will have to deal with the defects of modern, classic, muscle and off-road vehicles. The repair requires checking the condition of the vehicle and then replacing a whole range of its parts. Everything to gain a reputation, new customers and money.

Find, repair and earn money!

Cars that require your attention are found in neglected barns. Before you can start any repairs, the vehicles need to be carefully examined. The problem may be detected in the engine, body, exhaust, brake or suspension system. Each car has more than 100 parts that can be replaced. After having detected the failure, you should buy and replace broken elements using tools that may require you to get a promotion to a higher experience level. After making the mechanical repair, you must clean the car’s body from rust and then paint the vehicle using one of the large plethora of available colours. You can then sell the refurbished car with a profit and take on the next job. The game is produced by ECC GAMES. The development studio gathers motorization enthusiasts who are currently also working on DRIFT19, a drift driver simulator. Previously, they developed Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 mobile, a mobile version of the simulator for iOS and Android platforms, which turned out to be the most popular mobile game in the PlayWay publisher portfolio with more than 12 million downloads in 2018.

Car Mechanic Simulator is available for purchase starting February 15, 2019 in Nintendo eShop for €14.99/$14.99/£14.99.

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