May 23, 2022

Capcom Reveal New DLC for Resident Evil Village

Capcom defies its own expectations and drops two of the most underwhelming DLCs for Resident Evil Village since the last Fortnite update

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, love it or loath it has unquestionably been one of the bigger launches this year. In what has felt like a bit of a dry patch, Capcom’s came out guns blazing, in was in my opinion at least a pretty solid entrant to the beloved series. Yes, it’s a bit arcadey, true, it lacks some of the finesse of Resi 7 and a lot of the scares fell somewhat flat. But it delivered thrills a plenty and the set pieces were some of the greatest we’ve seen in the Umbrella universe.

So why not jump back on the gore-train for another trip around the ill-fated town? Not that you need a reason, but as of today there are two brand spanking new DLC drops available to tempt you back into the mayhem. Now to be clear, neither are going to re-write history, or impact the story in any meaningful way. But at £0.79 a pop what were you expecting?

A digitallly rendered plastic racoon gun accessory that you can pay actual, real money for

The first item available to purchase, download and add straight into Resident Evil Village is the Mr. Racoon Weapon Charm. Available directly from resident chubbster The Duke, this cute little trinket acts as a custom weapon part. It can be attached to a specific shotgun, and will appear in game as you lurk merrily around blasting zombie heads and slapping werewolf cheeks. Other than looking like just the cutest lil’ guy around, he does absolutely fuck all, but who cares? With your new found style you are beyond the hum-drum needs of the average zombie slayer.

A selection of consumables

Second is the Survival Resources Pack. A much more practical purchase you might argue, consisting of handgun ammo, shotgun shells, a first aid kit and a lock pick to help you get your snoop on. Very handy, but it’s got nothing on a jangly cartoon racoon gun decoration, if you ask me. Unfortunately, it’s only available once per play through, too, so spend wisely.

Ok, ok, we know, this is hardly the DLC you want (or deserve) for Resi 8. We certainly hope that the great minds at Capcom have something a little jazzier than a bunch of consumables and a plastic gun accessory lined up for later this year, but who knows? We live in an age of pointless in-game monetization, remember? Expect the “legendary” Tofu skin to hit a merchant near you sometime this summer.

Source; TheBoxHub

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