Capcom Moves to Price Regionally as PC Sales Skyrocket

Capcom Moves to Price Regionally as PC Sales Skyrocket

PC master race assemble, our time is now. Friends of Any Button Gaming will no doubt be intimately familiar with my transition over to the light. As lockdown projects go, you can stuff your garage conversion, cast away your crochet. Forget Zen Buddhism and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, dip your toes, comrades, in the glorious, gratifying world of PC construction. Capcom, it seems are aware of this tedium beating trend, and it intends to take a gapping slice out of the PC pie.

Ok, so my first venture wasn’t as smooth as it might have been. But by god I got there in the end, and the result has been full indoctrination. Cult level cool aid is currently coursing through my rig. I’d drink it if I could. But enough about me. Well, unless you want to watch the build video, that is…which you can check out here.

But I’ll indulge in my own personal evangelism no more. PC gaming is on the up. In a recent investor Q&A, Capcom commented directly on the success of its games on PC, which has pushed their financial results into the stratosphere. So much so, that although console games sales still pip PC to the post, a spokesperson commented,

“While demand for PC versions of games did not exceed that for console versions in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, we feel that the gap between the two is shrinking”

“In following our core strategy of multiplatform development, we continue to provide our content on a variety of devices, including PCs, in order to maximize our user base. As with home video game consoles, we feel that PCs are an important channel.”

Capcom Spokesperson in recent Invester Call

Capcom Join a Number of Publishers Turning to PC

Its no surprise. PC has emerged as a huge market in a sector once dominated by the home console. A number of Japanese publishers have taken note, launching usually exclusive titles on the platform. From Software’s exceptional Sekiro has sold over 5 million copies on PC. Team Ninja’s Nioh 2 just passed 2 million copies sold, no doubt bolstered by its recent release on PC this spring. It’s an attractive prospect for re-release, particularly for titles that have already proven popular on console. This is something that Sony too can attest to, with over 700k copies of Horzion: Zero Dawn selling on the platform in its launch month alone.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony joins the PC party as more PlayStation Exclusives make their way onto the growing platform

Additionally to this, Steam is well known for pricing games regionally, with an often cavernous gap between pricing by country. Whilst this practice garners criticism, it’s another draw for publishers, including Capcom. The Resident Evil publisher commented that, “For new titles, we would like to set prices that are appropriate, based on market data.” Time to invest in a trusty VPN.

So PC gaming is on the rise. Microsoft is of course fully invested with Games Pass for PC, and Sony has begun to carefully dip its toe in a veritable sea of as yet untapped opportunity. Generally speaking this is good news for gamers, as more games opt to support cross platform capability this will boost availability and player bases globally. But how about you? Have you recently succeeded to the PC master race, or is it console or bust? As ever let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the full invester release here.

Source; Twisted Voxel

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