July 6, 2022

Capcom Confirm Resident Evil 3 Remake and Release Date

Resident Evil 3 remake has finally been officially announced after weeks of rumours during Sony’s State of Play livestream.

Capcom announced its remake of Resident Evil 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam with a reveal trailer during Sony’s State of Play today.

It will be available on April 3rd 2020.

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As with this year’s remake of Resident Evil 2, the third game in the series has been reimagined with an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Allowing you to scan all the details of the environment brought to life with the RE Engine.

You play as Jill Valentine, who arrives in Raccoon City a few days before Leon and Claire in Resident Evil 2.

That Damn Nemesis

She faces an even greater threat than the previous game’s Tyrant.

The more intelligent bioweapon known as the Nemesis is determined to hunt her down as she tackles the zombie outbreak plaguing the city.

Jill also has to deal with the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, or U.B.C.S., which is a private military force that started the outbreak.

Fortunately, one of them called Carlos Oliveira is looking to help out survivors, and so he teams up with Jill.

Project Resistance Link

While a Resident Evil 3 remake isn’t a surprise, surprisingly it’s actually the campaign portion of Project Resistance.

The previously announced 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer take on the series.

Project Resistance has four players trying to survivors traps of a fifth player, the Mastermind, who wins by killing all survivors.

Pre-orders for Resident Evil 3 start today and all of them come with a Classic Costume Pack for Jill and Carlos.

The Collector’s Edition

You can get just the game itself in the Standard Edition, or exclusive to North America is the Collector’s Edition which you can pre-order with GameStop.

The Collector’s Edition costs $179.99 and comes with a physical copy of the game, a Jill Valentine statue, digital soundtrack and art book.

As well as a reversible poster with a map of Raccoon City, all of it packaged in an item box replica form the game itself.

Sourced from: IGN

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