May 23, 2022

Call of the Sea Heading to PlayStation?

Fanboys unite! Xbox is losing an exclusive! But Playstation rejoice as it’s really good!

Out of the Blue GamesCall of the Sea released a semi-cryptic tweet yesterday that appears to indicate a PlayStation release in the future. We say ‘semi-cryptic’ and ‘indicate’ as there hasn’t been an actual text announcement, only the below tweet with the PS4’s original slogan and what appears to be part of a PlayStation logo.

For those of you not aware of (or currently unable to play) Call of the Sea you journey as Norah searching a deserted island hoping to find your husband’s lost expedition. You’ll undertake a number of puzzles as you work to find out what happened and discover more about yourself as you go. It released in December 2020 on PC and Xbox via gamepass and if you haven’t already, it is well worth a playthrough.

But as one of xbox’s only exclusives since the series consoles came out, some will see this as more fuel to the ‘Xbox don’t have exclusives’ argument. So are you Playstation owner looking forward to the chance to play a great new puzzle game? Or unhappy about losing an exclusive? As far as we can see, more people playing such a great game is a good thing!

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