May 17, 2022

Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Solo Mode

If you’ve been enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone but fancy the challenge of true Battle Royale gameplay (ie; 1-vs-100 etc), then check out the upcoming Solo game mode

Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone, a take on the battle royale genre (how is it not dead yet?) dropped recently. And then, a mere week after launching, Activision is adding a solo game mode.

Warzone differs from other contemporaries as it pits squads against one another (as opposed to the usual 1-vs-100 mechanic). These squads feature three players per team, with up to 50 squads per match. Hence how the game boasts 150-player matches.

As Activision notes on their blog, the Solo mode differs from Warzone‘s usual gameplay (obviously):

“In Solos, you drop into Verdansk alone with Battle Royale rules. That means no squadmates, no friends – only you and a pistol with a few bullets. Think of this as Free-For-All in a traditional Call of Duty game, but on a massive scale.

As you loot, complete Contracts, and survive against up to 149 other players, the circle collapse will roll in just as it does in a normal Battle Royale. The Gulag will still welcome in prisoners of the Warzone, but if you die in that 1v1 Gunfight, forget any form of redeployment – you’re out for good.

The last Operator standing wins”.

As you can expect, the usual mix of frenemies and tactical team-ups will be made and broken throughout a typical Warzone Solos match. The safety team of your squad won’t be there, and it literally becomes a case of every man for himself. Much like every other Battle Royale game out there, then.

Activision’s Top Tips

If you’ve never had any Battle Royale experience outside of Warzone, or you just want to bone up and get ready for a Solos expedition, Activision has some words of advice for you:

5. Going Solo? Intel is Your Best Teammate. Along with paying attention to the Tac Map and Compass, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV.

4. Same Gulag. Same Player Count. No Buybacks. You only have one life to live in Solos. Make it count, both in the Gulag and out in Verdansk.

3. Consider Picking Up Contracts. This especially goes for Recon Contracts, as in Solos, the station capture time is halved compared to other modes. Complete Contracts and get Cash to further build up your loadout at Buy Stations.

2. … and Stay Down. Self-Revive Kits are in Solos. If it’s getting late into a game and you’re wary of an enemy after knocking them to zero health, double check that they are out for good before moving on.

1. Learn from Your Solos. While you may have less of a chance at winning Solos, take the lessons you learn into your next game with the squad. Who knows? A few Solos matches could be the difference between losing your next Battle Royale trios game and a hard-fought victory.

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