Call of Doom: Black Warfare V2 Update Released

Call of Doom: Black Warfare V2 Update Released

Ok, so before we begin, let’s address the elephant in the room. No, this is not Activision’s take on race warfare, so you can stop drafting that shirty email to AOC. It is in fact, DOOM, with all the bells and whistles of the complete COD armoury. Described on as “More realistic. MORE tactical. More AGGRESSIVE”, you can check out the gameplay in the below youtube video.

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We’re not sure that anyone was calling out for more realism in the Doom franchise, but we’re not complaining. This mod doesn’t hold back, adding over 70 weapons from the Call of Duty universe. But it’s not just guns, with a fair amount of equipment making the cut, including the survival knife, flashlight, frag grenade, and night-vision among others. Weapon placement is random, and changes each time you play the game. The player can also cary no more than 4 weapons at a time. Just like real life. This from the creator,

“The kill speed is faster than Brutal DOOM, and even the weakest 9mm gun can defeat the Pinky Demon”, the description of the mod reads. However, you will always suffer from a shortage of ammo and recovery items. Kill your enemies as soon as possible before they are attacked, like Call of Duty. Otherwise, it can have fatal consequences. If you are a veteran player, choosing a higher difficulty level than ultra-violence (Brutal DOOM ver only) or a class with a stricter weapon possession limit will make you more thrilling.”


It’s a great take on an old theme, brining together two of the most popular games in the FPS genre. The new update doesn’t add any new weapons, but fixes a sleuth of bugs that plagued the first release. Curious minds can follow this link to check out the full list of changes.

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