June 27, 2022

Call Of Duty WW2 Hits Steam For Free

This weekend, WW2 is hosting a free trial for those PC gamers amongst us.

The best-selling, most-awaited game of last year stormed sales, as our beloved Call Of Duty usually does. The newest instalment in the CoD franchise went back to the World At War era.

In recent games, the franchise went with a more futuristic approach, which failed to resonate well with fans. But with Sledgehammer games going back to Call Of Duty’s roots. From 22nd February, you’ll have your chance, if you haven’t yet, to decide whether or not the new game is for you.

The progress that you have accumulated over the demo will, in fact, be carried over, preventing you from losing progression.

Fire Sale? Nope. Still A Sale, Though!

World War II will be on sale this weekend, too. Getting a 35% discount, you’ll only pay £29.24 for the game as opposed to £44.99. There’s also a 25% discount off the deluxe edition of the game, which you’ll only pay £59.99 for instead of the full £79.99.

The free weekend will cease fire on Sunday 25th February.

Are you a team player? Or are you a lone wolf who’ll stop at nothing to dominate the enemies? Let us know if you’re going to try your hand at WW2 this weekend! Don’t worry: we don’t bite!

source: vg247

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