June 30, 2022

Bye H1Z1. . . . . Hello Z1 Battle Royale

Following the changes in the development team of the battle royale game H1Z1, its name will soon change from H1Z1 (PC version) to Z1 Battle Royale.

Along with the change name of the game is the new update which is focused to improve the overall gameplay especially when it comes to matchmaking time and weapon adjustments.

The new update brings major changes to weapons including AK-47, AR-15, M-9, and Shotgun.  Changes that were implemented on these weapons are bullet speed, fire rate, recoil, and more.

It seems like the new update will bring shorter waiting times for every ranked match. The new update also disables the spawn locations for solo, duo, and five-team matches. However, the feature is still available for hosted matches.

To make it even more competitive, the new dev team also adjusted the time to afternoon, making it brighter and spotting enemies will be easier than before. Lastly, new splash screen, weapon, and skins are added to the game. Minor visual adjustments were also made.

If you’re interested to read the full patch update, read on. . .

Welcome Home!

H1Z1 on PC will soon be known as “Z1 Battle Royale”! This release is the first major step in that transition. The newly re-formed dev team worked closely with the community to prioritize features and changes that return the game to its roots as the world’s most competitive BR Game. For the most up-to-date information on the team’s priorities, please visit https://www.z1roadmap.com/.

Version 1.0 Release Notes:


  • Weapons
    • The AR-15, AK-47, M-9, Shotgun* & Magnum have been adjusted based on their Preseason 3 characteristics:
      • Bullet Speed
      • Bullet Drop/Drag
      • Fire Rate
      • Reset Time
      • Recoil
      • *The Shotgun’s pellet pattern will remain the same as Season 1 & 2.
      • No changes have been made to bleed mechanics or pass through damage.
  • Other weapons that were not present in Preseason 3, such as the Hellfire and the M40 Sniper Rifle, have not been changed. We want the community’s feedback before determining how we will deal with these items.
  • Weapons that were present during Preseason 3 but have since been removed, such as the 1911 and R380, may be addressed in a later update, pending feedback from the community.
  • The “Classic Camera” was changed to behave the way it did in Preseason 3 (zoom, shake, lerp, etc…)
  • The AR-15 firing sound effect from Preseason 3 now plays for the person firing the weapon.
  • The “muzzle flash” has been removed from the AR-15, AK-47 and Magnum
  • “Aiming Down Sights”
    • Players can now aim down sights while jumping and fire accurately.
    • Players can now shoot while in the process of aiming down sights.
    • Movement
      • Jumping is now more responsive so that players should always jump if they press jump while on the ground.
      • Loosened the ENAS restrictions so that players are less penalized when moving in a way that triggers the system.
      • Players can now swap seats while a vehicle is moving, as long as it is not accelerating.


  • Match-making
    • Solos – Game will match players based on account level.
    • Solos, Duos and Fives now have a maximum lobby time of 135 seconds, as long as there are 2 or more players (down from 8 minutes). Games that start with fewer than 100 players will dynamically adjust the match to accommodate the number of players.
      • Spawn selection is turned off for Solos, Duos and Fives.
      • Spawn selection is still an option for Hosted games.
      • Starting locations have been tuned to ensure decent looting at start of match, based on gas phase.
      • Dynamic matches will only have 1 airdrop at a time (instead of 3).
      • Dynamic matches will start as follows:
        • 100+ players: Starts at gas phase 0 (no gas)
        • 50-99 players: Starts at gas phase 1
        • 30-49 players: Starts at gas phase 2
        • 20-29 players: Starts at gas phase 3
        • 10-19 players: Starts at gas phase 4
        • 2-9 players : Starts at gas phase 5
  • Your new dev team has really enjoyed playing and testing this feature internally and can’t wait to play it with all of you. Jace has by far been the worst player in testing and could barely get 1 kill.
  • Adjusted the climate weights and set the default time of day to 2pm.
    • 90% sunny
    • 5% gloomy
    • 4% sundown
    • 1% nighttime
    • You can now go to the “gameplay” category in the options menu and choose when you want to see players’ names in the Box of Destiny. There are three choices:
      • Always display nameplates
      • Only display nameplates when someone is speaking
      • Never show nameplates
      • The player will see a 2 minute 15 seconds count down timer preparing for the match in the Box of Destiny. Once the match is ready to start, the timer will jump to a 30 second count down.
      • New Event Challenge – Top 15 with 3 kills 5 times
      • In game leaderboards – The Match Lobby now has daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards per region! Fight your way to the top and see your name in lights.

Hosted Games

  • 30 games a week (up from 20)
  • Toggle dynamic start
  • Toggle spawn selection
  • Broader control over match start time.


  • New splash screen – New “Welcome Home” screen when game is launched
  • New weapon skin: H1Z1 Pro League AR-15 skin for the players of Season 1.
  • New shirt skin: “Soon” shirt to be released… “Soon.”
  • Minor changes to some VFX for localization.

Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer get “bumped” when exiting a vehicle.
  • Classic Hit Markers now play vehicle hit impact sound effects.
  • Transitioning between 1<sup>st</sup> & 3<sup>rd</sup> person no longer cancels recoil
  • Hosted games will now end automatically if no players are present.
  • Minor localization fixes

Source: Steam

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