May 28, 2022

Bus Simulator 21, picking up passengers in 2021

If Coronavirus has you longing for a return to a normal, simpler life, or you just miss doing ‘normal’ things (like going out without fear and existential dread), then Bus Simulator 21 might be up your street… or bus lane.

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Set in the good old US of A (no Trump included) the upcoming open-world game promises in-game animations, mechanics and, for the first time Electric and Double Decker Buses.

The inclusion a Double Decker Bus brought the team new challenges as Gennaro Grippo (Senior Marketing Manager at Astragon Entertainment) explains:

Adding a double-decker to the game was definitely a challenge as we had to create new character animations (walking upstairs, moving around the bus while driving, slightly crouching as the second floor is a bit smaller in terms of height, pathfinding, and more). In addition, we also had to pay attention to designing the game world, e.g. the height of bridges and the road network to work with the new bus size.

The new in-game world, which takes notes from San Francisco, promises easier bus buying, side quests (because all real-life bus drivers take side quests…. is that why they are always late???) a day and night cycle and dynamic weather. You also get a dynamic Multiplayer so you and a friend can build up a public transport empire (I hear Megabus quaking in their boots)

I hopped on a bus earlier today. After a while, the driver told me to sit down like everyone else.

You can check out all the info here.

Bus Simulator 21 is set to arrive in 2021 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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