June 30, 2022

Bungie’s ‘Destiny 2’ Feature Update Facing Delays Amid 2nd Expansion Uncertainty.

For those wishing for an improved and polished mod system, as well as Nightfall specific weaponry; the wait will have to continue.

If you, like many other gamers around the world were looking positively and forwardly to Bungie addressing many of the issues that have amassed because of the constant hotfixes and patches they have regularly released, then the news is somewhat deleterious to the gamers who stick with Bungie as there are further delays ahead.

Many gamers are quite possibly pondering thoughts similar to “How many (k)nights must we wait for this update?”. Since release the game has had a mixed bag in terms of reception and as it has progressed, by using patches and hotfixes to ‘fix’ the game, they have in fact caused more problems. If you were looking forward to Bungie tackling the ‘to-do’ list of Destiny 2’s expansive issues, unfortunately the wait continues.

A picture of the ‘Crimson Doubles’ event logo, for all you lovers out there…

The inclusion of a myriad of features that were expected to arrive before Season 3, has been delayed by the studio. Significantly, a well needed revamp of the equipment mod system will not arrive in time for May, though the mod system is one of the areas the majority of the gaming community believes needs updating. Many believe it to be ‘hollow’ and ‘empty’, potentially how the veteran guardians left Atheon’s Lair in the Vault of Glass after prevailing. Comparable in the sense that as it is there, and is present, once you have spent a couple of hours working on gaining mods, it all burns out, there is a massive lack of depth.

Many gamers believe this to be the case with the Vault of Glass raid. For the majority of Destiny players this was the only ‘end-game’ content until the first DLC dropped.  Original players had no choice but to spend hours killing Atheon, and sneaking their way through the Gorgon’s labyrinth. With the possibility you could kill one with your team to gain a nice grimoire card. If you do not like the seemingly sempiternal wave of rushed or wasted add-ons and DLC. You’ll have to wait a while longer.

The roadmap of Destiny 2’s Development, including patch notes.

In addition to this, Bungie are also postponing a wide array of Nightfall Strike perks and exotic gear changes. Nightfall specific weapons were planned to be released as early as February 27th. However, Bungie has stated it needs “extra time” for its artists to ensure the rewards are worth the ‘grind’. After the release of the 1st Expansion, Bungie’s productivity has seemed to dip. Shown by the delays of their feature update, could this be the ‘Curse of Osiris’ coming back to haunt them?


The original logo for the ‘Rumble’ game mode from Destiny 1, will it be the same for Destiny 2?

The ‘Light’ news, regardless of how little.

However, there are positives to the new and (debatably) improved schedule. Bungie is adding some much-needed variety to the Crucible competitive scene. This is because of the return of Rumble, which will be available to play from March 27th.  There is also a two vs two Doubles mode (similar to Crimson Doubles, however without the romance, well, unless you have Cayde and Zavala on a team, with their disputable love-hate relationship present). Though the date for this has not yet been specified.

The company knows that its MMO-esque shooter needs some additional refinement to live up to its potential. Bungie just seem to not be willing to rush and risk taking those actions. Gamers are helpless and without lights as we await news from Bungie on the upcoming Expansion.

Let us know on your thoughts of the postponing of the update in the comments below!

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