Bungie Split from Activision

Bungie Split from Activision

While the original Bungie and Activision partnership in 2010 was a big move within the gaming industry, so too is the decision for these two companies to part ways.

Through a blog post made today by Bungie, it was announced that Activision would be transferring full publishing rights and responsibilities for Destiny to Bungie going forward.

This seems to be a result of growing tensions between the companies, the beginnings of which seem to have existed from the inception of the partnership. Furthermore, just recently, Activision have expressed that the most recent entry, Destiny 2: Forsaken, was disappointing due to not reaching their sales expectations. Luke Smith, Director of Destiny, though explains that the team is not disappointed with Forsaken and that the goal is to make a game that Destiny players would love, as they at the studio do.


Despite this, Bungie said “With Activision, we created something special,” and that they “have enjoyed a successful eight-year run and would like to thank Activision for their partnership on Destiny.” Furthermore, they are committed to making sure the hand-off is as seamless as possible while also being committed to delivering on the existing Destiny 2 road-map with exciting experiences and announcements still to come.

Overall, While Destiny 2 had a rough launch, and a rough first few DLC’s. I think its fair to say that Forsaken offered what the community wanted from the game and has put it into a far better spot in terms of gameplay, systems, rewards and storytelling and sets a strong foundation for the game going forward with the latest offering of Black Armory building upon the endgame.

With Destiny now in Bungie’s full control I look forward to seeing how they evolve their game how they want with their community backing them.

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